CU Blockchain Summit Sponsorship Guide

About the Event

We are extremely excited to announce the second annual CU Blockchain Summit coming to the University Memorial Center at CU Boulder on October 13! The conference will feature panels discussing various blockchain related topics and a pitch competition.The event will kick off a 3 week long blockchain project competition dedicated to building dApps, working on company sponsored bounties, and other blockchain hacks. Started by CU Blockchain, the conference will bring together the greater Colorado blockchain community. Students will be attending from CU Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, CU Denver, and Colorado State University, making it one of the largest blockchain-focused gathering of students and community members in Colorado.

The focus of the event is to advance the adoption of blockchain technology and catalyze the growth of blockchain development among students in Colorado. The event is primarily educational, allowing anyone to start learning about blockchain tech and development. Throughout the 3 week competition we will be hosting weekly workshops focused on helping teams get through tough technical challenges. This gives your company a unique opportunity to educate some of the youngest blockchain contributors about the possibilities of the technology.

Sponsors at the event will receive access to our community in a variety of ways. All sponsors will receive branding at the event along with in-person access to the student blockchain community. We are also offering opportunities to join panels, host a bounty for the project competition, and recruit/interview potential candidates. More sponsorship details are listed below.

Why Sponsor?

  • Receive access to untapped talent in the CU Boulder and greater colorado Blockchain community
  • Join a panel to present your views on different areas of the blockchain ecosystem
  • Opportunity to expand your team through recruiting
  • Chance to organically grow your community
  • Get meaningful feedback on your company's technology and business strategies
  • Gain brand recognition and build positive perception for your brand
  • Allows mentors to assist hackers in integrating your API or technology into their products
  • Create a bounty or track for our blockchain project competition and provide guidance to young developers

Sponsorship Tiers

We also accept fiat currency as sponsorship. If this is something your company is interested in, please contact us at


Price: $500 USD


  • Send 1 representative
  • Distribute swag
  • Have your logo on our website
Purchase Bronze Tier


Price: $1500 USD

All of the Bronze tier perks plus


  • Send 2 representatives
  • Take part in a panel
  • One table at the event
  • All opt-in participant emails
Purchase Silver Tier


Price: $2500 USD

All of the Silver tier perks plus


  • Unlimited representatives
  • Two tables at the event
  • Sponsor a challenge or bounty
  • 3 minutes of remarks at opening ceremonies
Purchase Gold Tier


Price: $3500 USD

All of the Gold tier perks plus


  • 5 minutes of remarks at opening and closing ceremonies for remarks
  • Unlimited recruiters and the ability to interview students at the event
  • Logo on the event banner
Purchase Platinum Tier